Positive Energy Affecting Recovering Lives

Roberd’s Scholarship

Ben Roberds was a founding board member of P.E.A.R.L. and a Bentonville attorney. Ben lost his battle to cancer this year. 

We will continue to honor Ben’s memory with the Roberds Scholarship available to Benton County Drug clients.

Transitional Living

Safe, affordable housing is essential to our clients. This important foundation of stability gives our clients the opportunity to start the healing process from addiction and alcoholism. 

We are happy to announce we are in the process of purchasing our first Transitional Living home.


Financial Literacy

Financial responsibility is a challenge for many new in recovery. Learning these skills is essential to financial independence. We offer clients the opportunity to learn budgeting skills along with the option of repairing their credit.


Alumni Group

The Benton County Drug Court Alumni program began in 2018 when former clients came together to support each other in their recovery.



Emergency Services

Clients come to us for support for these needs so their progress and growth in the Drug Court program is not stalled or delayed so that they may move forward in restarting their own lives.

Services include:

• Vision

• Dental

• Food Security

• Transportation