Karen Slater, Founder & Board Chair

After a long and successful career as an insurance agent, with five children, Karen found herself struggling to keep up with her growing family and an addiction that had left her life in chaos. And in 2012, after 28 years of addiction, Karen was ready to get her life back on track.

Karen used the accountability that the Benton County Drug Court provided to foster self-discipline and begin working toward her personal and professional goals. Over time, this grew into increased self-confidence and self-esteem, which further helped her overcome her struggles with addiction. With the help of Drug Court and an anonymous 12-step recovery program, Karen was able to stay honest, open-minded and motivated to keep moving forward.

But, Karen realized not everyone had access to the same programs or support that she had. And, from her own experience, she knew how important such compassion, reliability and accountability could be in stepping away from self-serving thoughts and finding lasting recovery.

Karen founded P.E.A.R.L. and serves on the board of directors to help individuals in Northwest Arkansas find lasting recovery from addiction and rejoin society as contributing members. Because she knows – from her own experience – just how far the right guidance and support can go.

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Karen Slater